Hello people of the internet! My name is Lisbeth and well…I’m a student currently attending Santa Barbara High School.

I want to share with everyone my attempts of trying to appreciate the things around me and capturing  moments that people tend to take for granted  as well as attempting to appreciate time and life itself. I am currently 16 and although I have so much life ahead of me, time tends to fly fast.

Time flies in just a blink of an eye…

I want others to take a step back and admire the little things that are occurring around..to have them realize that life isn’t going to stop moving.

I honestly LOVE being around the people I love and cherish. Even when I’ve had my ups and downs. Sometimes I completely shut down…like I want to be alone and locked away from everyone else in my room. Those gloomy days don’t last long though because when I’m with my family they tend to make me feel so much better.

This is a little moment I captured of my cousins..because like might as well appreciate them too :))

And if being around people who care about me doesn’t help I try to take a little pause. To breath in and breath out. I take a break..only to help me wake up again and realize how we really should appreciate the things we do, the places we go, the people we meet, etc.

I am always looking for new experiences and new appreciations. 😊

What do you appreciate..?? Comment below.

Today is a new day, a new second, and a time to create a new moment.


I trust that you got to know a little bit of myself through this brief spawn. Until next time :))

With lots of love,

lisbeth ❤