Earth Day Birthday.

Hey everyone! I’m back once again! I hope you have all had time to sit down and just enjoy your day :))

Yesterday was Earth Day!🌎..and my brothers birthday! :))

The best part of having an older brother is that you never have to fear of losing a best friend. I love my brother so much! He’s such a weird human being..he always knows how to put a smile on my face..and I’m thankful for that.

Although I get along with my brother more than I do with my sister..I love both of them just as equally.

My sister’s kids and my brother💕
My brother, sister, and my sister’s baby Ana (who happens to be 3 years old now..time flies..)

Even though it was he’s birthday..he spend his day with my I didn’t really spend time with him ._.

But I did spend the time with my mom, aunt, cousins, etc..

We all decided to go for a walk :)) ( and if you didn’t know this..I LOVE WALKS! ). If you knew me you would know that I would rather walk somewhere then ride the bus..

Walking makes me feel more relaxed…it also helps clear my thoughts.

As mentioned was Earth Day walking was a great way to celebrate😄.

On our walk around the block..we encountered many things..from colorful flowers to adorable puppies:)


“Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.” 🌷

I hope these pictures speak for themselves

..I hope you guys had an Amazing Day! 🙂

Today is a new day, a new second, and a time to create a new moment.

So tell me, how was your Earth Day.?

With lots of love,



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