State Street.

So..Over the weekend my mom, my niece, my cousin+her baby, and I..all decided to go to downtown..aka State Street (and yes I did go last weekend).

When you have time make sure to check out my last post of my mom and I spending Saturday together-downtown SB :))

The way the day started off was pretty boring.-. I literally woke up around 10am..and just stayed in bed. I then decided to go to my brother’s room since he wasn’t home ^-^ My cat Lily was in his bed so we both decided to watch some TV together :))

I later got a call from my mom if I wanted to go to State Street when she gets out of work. Of course, I said yes. she told me to tell my niece and my cousin if they wanted to go. They both ended up saying yes.

My mom then called again to tell me to meet her at Marshalls (a store downtown).

We all were ready to go and began our walk.

It took us about 30min(I think) to get there.

Anyways, the first place we decided to go was Marshalls obviously since we were already there. Afterward, we crossed the street to go to Forever 21.

I wanted to enjoy spending time with my I didn’t get to take that many pictures. Times like this are times that I don’t want to take for granted.  My family- the people who will continue to give me all of their time, even if it is worthless. Time is irreplaceable, just like my family. I Love Them So Much!

I honestly love spending time with my family, even though they can be annoying sometimes.

she didn’t want to stay still (.-.)

“Live for the days where tomorrow does not exist while laughing and making moments with those that you cherish the most”

Today, take a step back and realize how many precious human beings you have in your life

Today is a new day, a new second, and a time to create a new moment.

So tell me, how was your weekend.??

With lots of love,



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