Hey peeps :))

Over the weekend me and my mom decided to spend Saturday together. We had an amazing day..although we literally walked all day..and yeah I know there’s nothing wrong with that, but my feet were killing me! (sorry for exaggerating :p ) My mom and I ended up buying shoes on the way home 😄

The way the day started off..was mom got a phone call from work..she apparently had the day off! That’s when we both decided to eat a quick breakfast and head off. Here in Santa Barbara..if you want to do any shopping the nearest place is State St.(which is downtown). There’s so many stores and restaurants! Which is why it’s the best place to go during the weekend for any sort of shopping.

It was a nice day out when we arrived. It took us about 25min(I think) since we walked it. Anyways, the first place my mom wanted to stop by was Payless (aka a cheap shoe store). I ended up seeing an old friend o mine! She had just graduated high school. It’s literally been 8 months since I’ve seen her! She apparently worked there. When my mom finished paying..we said our “see you later”

My mom and I then went to H&M, Forever 21, Marshalls, Yogurtland, etc..We had an amazing day!


20170304_123721                                                             20170304_124619


Our moms are the true treasures we should give our time to.  My mom is my best friend..and although that sounds cheesy it’s true. I know me and my mom sometimes don’t see eye to eye..and she could be a bit scary sometimes..but I know she’s trying her best to be the best mom out there. My mom has sacrificed so much! She only went up to 3rd grade since she had to help my grandma with the kids (my mom is the 2nd oldest) keep in mind my grandma had 9 kids. When my mom came to the United States from Mexico she wanted to find a job to make $ to care for her family..She works her butt off each and everyday..that’s why I’m thankful.

..I LOVE MY MOM so much! She’s been through so much and tries her best to keep her head high.

Each day goes on, a second passes, a minute passes, and then a year passes. We sometimes do not even realize that in those minuscule moments we have impacted, missed, loved, and cried about someone. Our family ( friends and any significant other) are the jewels in our life.

I am so grateful to have these types of moments, where I could enjoy the little things that happen around me.

Today is a new day, a new second, and a time to create a new moment.

So tell me, Who did you spend your weekend with.??

With lots of love,



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