New Neighbors..?

Hey, Everyone! :))

As I mentioned in my last blog cousin is moving into the house right behind mine. These past few days her mom/stepdad/brother/..etc helped to get all the furniture into their new home. Yesterday was actually the first time they slept over! Their dog and cat seemed to have already gotten used to the new hose since none of it was “new.”

The first thing Kiki does was take a “nap” when they arrived😄

They used to live in the studio next door..but unfortunately, they got kicked out 😦  They found a home that was pretty far from where I I had to either take the bus or get a ride from my brother. Later, my mom had told us that the people in the back are moving which was disappointing because I had friends who lived there. Although it was meant that my aunt would be able to be my neighbor again!

Here’s my baby niece Bri (short for Briana) who had just woken up from her nap:


Anyways, the whole day was pretty much a busy day. We had to organize everything! The furniture was everywhere. We ended up getting a lot of things done..and half way through the day..we took a mini break and ate PIZZA!🍕❤️️

Times like this are things I do not take for granted! I’m so happy that my cousins moved to the house in the means that I get to have more family around. Its just crazy to next door neighbor is an older cousin of the ones who are now considered my new neighbors (Bri :)) and another close family friend is moving to the studio that is also behind my house. I’m literally surrounded by family! I honestly don’t know what I would do without them (probably be bored out of my mind!)


Time is the most precious gift that we could give someone..”What we sometimes fail to realize is that time is the most valuable thing that we have…Creating memories and experiencing moments is an expensive way to live life.” Our family and our friends are the true treasures we should give our time to.

So tell me, what are you living for?

My answer for that is simple. I live for the moments and memories I am able to make with my family and friends.

I am so grateful to have these types of moments, where I could enjoy the little things that happen around me.

With lots of love,

lisbeth ^-^



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