Extended Weekend.

Hey, Everyone!

This past weekend was actually pretty great. I spent some time with my cousin and her baby plus I had some time to myself. There wasn’t any school on Friday or Monday which made the weekend even greater!

My cousin and I basically had some lazy days spent together. Since it was raining throughout the weekend we stayed indoors..until we got hungry..which is when we would decide to go eat out. We also watched TV and laid in bed..doesn’t that actually sound like heaven..??  We eventually got to work and began to do some cleaning..we walked over to her new to be home (the house that’s right behind mine). She used to live next door but was kicked out by the landlord since too many people were living in such a small studio..she’s only 16 and was living with her mom, stepdad, and little brother. But I guess we’re still going to be neighbors! I was so happy when I found out about this since I haven’t been able to see her since they moved to the west side..meaning I would have to take the bus to see them since I live in the east side.

Anyways..after we finished “cleaning” we sat around and talked. We became lazy once again..


Like I’ve said plenty of times before..life is short, enjoy it and don’t waste it! Don’t take advantage of time either..take my word for it.. :)) Since I keep forgetting to ask the people I know what they value/appreciate..from now on I’m just going to mention my appreciations. For this blog..my appreciation goes to this weekend..but honestly only because I  had such an amazing time with my niece(and my cousin) She’s seems to be growing every time I see her! And her mom seems to be growing as a mother..which is something I’m proud of.

The time I spent with my family this weekend was GREAT..and that’s why I cherish them so much!


Lazy day..messy hair..bad quality photo…it was just one of those days..

I am so grateful to have these types of moments, where I could enjoy the little things that happen around me. I hope y’all had an amazing weekend!

So tell me, What do you cherish about your family.??

With lots of love, lisbeth :))


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