Rainy Days.

Welcome to my first blog!

The name of my blog is So Much Little Time. The reason behind the name is…I wanted others to realize that life is so damn short that we need to be aware that time flies in just a blink of an eye.

My goal is to capture moments that people shouldn’t take for granted. And since its been raining for the past few days (which rarely happens here in California ._.) I wanted to capture and appreciate the beauty of rain.


Although rainy days can cause a lot of people to feel gloomy it defiantly should be appreciated. As a kid I enjoyed running outside to play in the puddles (OK, maybe I still do that once in awhile) as well as listening to the rain while staying indoors; laying in bed, watching TV, being around family, etc.

I look forward to these types of misty days. A rainy day is the perfect excuse to have a day off. And it can also be great for company, it’s a great way to get a friend or two to join. Rain facilitates a day where you and your best friend/family just hang out on the couch watching movies— a.k.a. the way things were meant to be.

All you really need to ask yourself is…”Do you really want to take your time to get dressed and do your hair, only to have it potentially wrecked by the rain?”


And if you’re not in the mood to stay in, many places are less crowded when it rains. It’s the perfect time to explore the places around you when there’s not a lot of people. Just get your umbrella (maybe a hoodie), some rain boots and you’ll have a great mini adventure!

For my blogs I want to have people be able to speak about what they appreciate. Therefore I want to ask the people around me what are the things they value..only to have them realize the things they shouldn’t take for granted and the time they really shouldn’t take advantage of.

For this blog in particular  I asked my niece Daisy…since she loves the rain.

Me: “why do you like the rain so much..?”

Daisy: “I love running in the rain and jumping in the puddles..even when I’m not allowed to. Rain makes me feel cozy, relaxed, and happy. I enjoy drinking hot chocolate that my grandma makes and everyone sitting watching TV in the living room together on rainy days.”


I am so grateful to have these types of moments, where I could enjoy the little things that happen around me. Hopefully these pictures speak for themselves and show how amazing rainy days can be. California  has been in a drought for such a long period of time which could be the reason why I treasure the rain so much.

With lots of love,



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